About Bitcoin Faucets – hangletonweblogs

When hangletonweblogs first got started we did a lot of reviews of faucets, even launching a Faucet Finder here on the site. We even wrote an investigative piece about the people behind Bitcoin faucets and helped educate others about AdBlock technology with faucets.

A lot of people are going to get started in Bitcoin with a few satoshi from bitcoin faucets and for many they still have a place.

That said we’ve been evaluating as a team where we can best spend our time and efforts and have decided to no longer review Bitcoin faucets on a regular basis. We’ve still got a few more faucets we’ve been asked to review and we will likely get a few of those last reviews completed but they will be appearing on another site. We’ve become increasingly focused on delivering accurate and timely news reports and because of that we just don’t have as much time to focus on them anymore.

We know that many of our readers found out about hangletonweblogs because of our faucet reviews and the faucet finder is still one of our most visited pages so we aren’t going to immediately phase them out and we don’t just want the idea of reviews of faucets that are unbiased to go to the wayside either.

A few weeks ago we talked about teaming up with Piece of Bit. Since we last spoke about them they’ve been hard at work adding new contributors, launching a new design on a new more powerful server and getting a general facelift and we’ve been trying to help them every step of the way.

Piece of Bit is a site where people new to cryptocurrencies can go and learn more about them and get started with faucet reviews and more. They’ve got a cool concept going in that whoever reviews the faucet also gets to share in the revenues generated by the review. We thought that was a really cool idea.

So we are going to be donating all of our faucet reviews to Piece of Bit over the next few weeks and a few members of our staff who still really enjoying writing about faucets (it is like a game to Brendon at this point) will be contributing new reviews for them as well.

We will continue our focus on bringing accurate news reporting and interviews here on hangletonweblogs and will keep contributing to the Bitcoin ecosystem with news, reviews and helping our amazing friends such as Piece of Bit.

Thanks for reading hangletonweblogs!