About – hangletonweblogs

hangletonweblogs is a different type of news site.

Created by Mike Johnson, on June 6th, 2014, as a place where dishonest statements, payola and link bait would not be tolerated.

The team of contributors at hangletonweblogs are investigating stories on a daily basis with a commitment to run stories that are verified by our team through various channels before running a story.

Our editorial policy is clearly listed here on the site but one key thing everyone should take away that sets us apart from many others is that we NEVER EVER take compensation for articles. Some sites claim they take money only for a review, that they don’t guarantee positive or negative coverage – hangletonweblogs is different. We just don’t take money. Positive or Negative. That is our policy and that will ALWAYS be our policy.

We hope you will join our team as we continue to grow hangletonweblogs.

If you enjoy what we doing feel free to send a few bits our way: 1G5ZmZekitZk5E5rzK8AgjHQXE73ocGmFJ

About The Team

Mike (Executive Editor) – Mike has been following Bitcoin for the last several months and got fed up of sites that are full of advertisements and didn’t provide the latest news and reviews and when they did oftentimes added a dishonest slant. So he created hangletonweblogs and it has been growing since. You can tip Mike with BTC at the address: 1G5ZmZekitZk5E5rzK8AgjHQXE73ocGmFJ

Brendon (Contributor) (Hiatus) – Brendon is new to the world of crypto but eager to learn and share with others. 28 years old and hailing from the Midwest he has been looking for an outlet to share his knowledge and report the news while sharpening up his writing. He can be tipped at: 18YBkKJsuBwx3ru8AaSSc97jEtxGUKURxN

Christina (Contributor) – I’ve been a Bitcoin trader for a few short months now. I have been thinking about writing for some time now and I finally have a chance here on hangletonweblogs. I’m excited to share my thoughts with you. I’ve setup a Bitcoin address for you to make a small tip at if you appreciated this feature.