Bitcoin Faucets and Adblockers

Bitcoin faucets are great.

I’ve done my fair share of open and honest reviews on this site and have been surfing around trying to find the best sites where you can earn some Bitcoins on the Internet. Oftentimes you just have to fill out a captcha to prove that you are human and in exchange you receive some free Bitcoins.

Most faucets are created as a way to introduce new users to Bitcoin by giving them a bit for free and allowing the person operating the faucet to get a little bit back by serving some advertisements on the faucet site.

Those coins come at a cost to the operator of the faucet and one thing to keep in mind is that as you are surfing Bitcoin faucets you should disable or pause your Adblock software.

I hate advertisements, you likely hate advertisements and so does everyone else on the Internet. Advertisements are annoying, oftentimes get in the way and a lot of users ignore them anyways but that all being said those advertisements are the reason that the sites are able to give away free Bitcoin to you as an end user.

That is why I am hoping to educate you as a user just like myself that when you are using these faucet sites you should ALWAYS disable your adblocking software. Every time an advertisement is blocked and doesn’t load the operator of the faucet isn’t paid for your visit and many times you are still allowed to get a free coin in exchange. This means that you get something for nothing and the operator is losing money.

The next time you are surfing a Bitcoin faucet please consider the cost to the operator. They have to pay for hosting, development of the site and the coins that are given away for free in a faucet and are simply trying to make enough to cover the costs and disable your adblocking software.