Bounties for Promoting Crypto

The promotion of cryptocurrency is on the minds of many in the cryptocurrency space. In order for cryptocurrency to be accepted in mainstream markets, both users and merchants must increase their own usage.

A small group of developers has created specifically to increase both merchant and user adoption. Their unique system offers rewards for users who promote cryptocurrency to others and is completely free of charge. features several bounties where users are encouraged to promote the usage of cryptocurrency both within their personal networks and with local and chain businesses. These bounties include promoting businesses that now accept cryptocurrency, emailing businesses to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments, and sharing cryptocurrency related information to friends and family.

Jack Seever, one of the primary developers behind the project, remarked, “We are really hoping to give users an incentive to share cryptocurrencies with others. We know that in doing so, it increases the inherent value for them to be used as a mainstream currency. This project exists to fill that purpose.” connects those who wish to place bounties for promoting cryptocurrency projects with those looking to promote cryptocurrency and earn rewards for doing so. Rewards include items such as site badges, t-shirts, gift cards, Bitcoin, and more.

The site also allows users to rank their progress against other users through a unique achievement system, leaderboards, and internal trading and gifting features.

After having used an early alpha version of the site for about 15 minutes this morning it does seem they have something that not only makes cryptocurrency promotion rewarding they have some interesting ideas for developers to offer bounties for getting other tasks done. hangletonweblogs will have a more in-depth review of the service once the alpha has begun. is offering a special invite-only alpha program release on October 5th.