Butterfly Labs Resuming Operations Tomorrow – hangletonweblogs

We’ve received word that Butterfly Labs will be resuming operations and reopening tomorrow morning after the company has been engaged in a legal battle with the FTC.

District Judge Brian C. Wimes issued his ruling to allow the company the ability to resume partial operations tomorrow morning much to the disappointment of many in the bitcoin community.

The company provided hangletonweblogs the following statement:

“Although Butterfly Labs is still disturbed with the Federal Trade Commission’s rush to judgment and labeling of the company as bogus and scammers, Butterfly Labs is pleased by the Court’s entry of a Stipulated Interim Order, which allows the company to reopen its doors for limited operations. While the Order does not allow Butterfly Labs to fully serve our customers as desired, it is a step in the right direction and will allow for limited order fulfillment. During the period of the Court’s Order, Butterfly Labs will continue to cooperate closely with the Court-appointed Temporary Receiver.

Butterfly Labs views the Order as a promising sign for the future of our company, our customers, and our employees. This lawsuit has severely damaged our reputation and it is up to Butterfly Labs to attempt to repair that damage.

There are a number of unsubstantiated claims circulating about Butterfly Labs. We intend to address all inaccuracies in due course, including the false claims around burn-in testing and Butterfly Labs inappropriately mining bitcoins with customer equipment.

Butterfly Labs thanks its many customers, employees, and business partners for staying with us during this challenging time.”