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I’ve been working hard on hangletonweblogs all week and finally got around to setting up a Twitter account where I hope to not only post the latest news, reviews and editorials from hangletonweblogs but also interact with you the readers and share the latest Bitcoin news that I am finding from all across the Internet.

Check us out on Twitter we are @CoinFireBlog

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Readers in Austin should be excited to hear that a new Bitcoin exchange and social club is launching in Austin.

Satoshi Square is a brand new Bitcoin Exchange and Social Club, in the heart of the east side of Austin. Satoshi Square is providing the Austin community with a safe, professional environment to trade Bitcoin, discuss ideas, and discover new ways to build a robust bitcoin community within Austin.

On July 4th they will be having a massive launch party that is aptly named Freedom Friday.

Visitors of the event will be able to check out the hottest new startups in Austin, get free beer with a Bitcoin wallet, and network with other members of the Bitcoin community.

Satoshi Square is Austin’s first dedicated Bitcoin Exchange. It is the goal of Satoshi Square to have exchanges that are fast, professional, and simple.

For more information on Satoshi Square or the upcoming Freedom Friday event visit the Satoshi Square website here: http://satoshiatx.com/

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On Saturday, June 28, the Bitcoin Job Fair will be taking place at the Bitcoin Center NYC in New York City.

The event is being hailed as the first Bitcoin job fair taking place on the east coast. The event will be taking place from 12pm until 5pm and is a unique opportunity for job seekers to join leading companies in the crypto-currency and crypto-equity space and learn about career opportunities in one of technology’s leading ecosystems.

If you’ve been looking for a full-time job that pays in Bitcoin it appears this will be an excellent opportunity.

Bitcoin Center NYC is the city’s only brick-and-mortar institution dedicated to further adoption of Bitcoin. Located at 40 Broad Street, 100 feet from the NYSE, the center educates Bitcoin enthusiasts and the public on the merits of digital currency through its free Bitcoin 101 and other classes. Bitcoin Center NYC also advocates for Bitcoin through strategic partnerships and by interfacing with media, while acting as an incubator for viable Bitcoin-related technology startups.

If you are interested in learning more about the event or signing up head over to http://bitcoinjobfair.com/

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I’ve been looking at new faucets that have been coming online for the past several days and one called MiniBit is really exciting to me because it is another one of those Bitcoin faucets that is just dead simple.

When this faucet was launched it was originally a dispense came each day but earlier this week it was announced that the dispenses are now taking place every six hours.

With MiniBit it has several advertisements but they are placed well so they aren’t overly distracting. The site also contains an easy to complete captcha from SOLVEmedia which means they are always very easy to read which I find is a major plus. (more…)

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REEDS Jewelers, today announced it is now accepting bitcoin for payment in all 64 retail locations and online at www.REEDS.com.

“Since our founding in 1946, REEDS Jewelers has aimed for excellence in customer service and providing the latest innovations to enhance the shopping experience,” said Alan Zimmer, President & CEO. “REEDS was one of the first jewelers with a digital presence, launching our website in 1998, and being the first fine jeweler to accept bitcoin in all retail locations and online at REEDS.com is a natural evolution. REEDS Jewelers is pleased to be open for business with bitcoin.”

In order to make purchases with bitcoin at any of REEDS Jewelers’ 64 retail locations and on REEDS.com, customers must have a bitcoin wallet. REEDS will accept bitcoin payments at all physical locations using digital tablets. REEDS has teamed up with Coinbase to accept all Bitcoin transactions.

REEDS Jewelers has created a bitcoin information center at www.REEDS.com/bitcoin, which contains information about how customers can make purchases with bitcoin. REEDS’ jewelry selection includes engagement rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, charms, watches and much more. Customers may also visit any REEDS Jewelers location to make purchases with bitcoin in person.

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The default stocks app on iOS just got a bit more powerful thanks to the provider Yahoo who is now displaying BTC/USD conversion rates.

Adding the BTC and USD rate to your iOS stocks app is simple.

  1. Open the iOS Stocks app on your phone and press the menu on the bottom right hand corner.
  2. Push the plus symbol and begin typing BTC.
  3. Add BTCUSD=X and enjoy.

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We’ve got a newcomer to the world of Bitcoin faucets with Free-bit.co.in.

Recently announced and undergoing rapid development this new faucet is interesting to me because of the fact it is new and that while it is relatively simple at the moment contains very few advertisements.

You can visit Free-bit.co.in every hour for a dispense that is between 40 satoshi and 1,000 satoshi. (more…)

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Recently various creditors filed lawsuit against Hashfast to force it in to an involuntary bankruptcy. On June 5th the company moved to file for a reorganization and it was approved on June 7th.

The company released a statement this afternoon stating…

HashFast creditors, customers, partners and suppliers,

As you may have seen in the press, on May 9 2014, HashFast had a petition filed against us to move the organization into an involuntary bankruptcy. We have been hard at work in developing a plan to see how to best serve our customers, supply vendors, and other creditors.

As a result of these actions, we filed a request to move to a reorganization under Chapter 11 bankruptcy on June 5, 2014 and the courts granted that request on June 7, 2014. We are in the process of finalizing our plans to best serve our creditors.

Our focus is to reorganize the company in a way that provides added value to our creditors, versus a liquidation scenario that would be of less value. As a part of that reorganization, Eduardo DeCastro has resigned as CEO, and we have reduced the operating team to the core functions necessary to continue operations and to effect our plan. In the interim Simon Barber is President and CTO, and Monica Hushen, who recently joined as CFO is handling business operations and bankruptcy matters.

HashFast has retained Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP as its bankruptcy counsel, and we will be working together to generate a reorganization plan that will allow us to emerge from bankruptcy as quickly as possible.

We will be sharing more specific information regarding our reorganization efforts over the coming days.

– The HashFast Team

Also of note is the immediate resignation of the CEO Eduardo DeCastro.

Update: Independent court confirmation: https://business-bankruptcies.com/cases/hashfast-llc

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Recently the Internet was abuzz when David Marcus the President of PayPal made indications that PayPal as a company was researching how to integrate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in to the PayPal platform.

This afternoon in a release from Facebook it was announced that Bitcoin friendly David Marcus would be joining Facebook to lead efforts in the mobile messaging space.

David is an avid coder not to mention keen businessmen having seen unique opportunities to monetize new platforms leading many to wonder if he will be charged with finding new ways to monetize Facebook Messenger including a potential system that allows Facebook users to send cash to each other.

Could this lead to the inclusion of Bitcoin on the Facebook platform?

It is most likely that Facebook will eventually launch a payments platform of its own much like Amazon instead of using something more open. Silicon valley startups such as Amazon, Facebook and others would rather have a platform that it controls end-to-end but anything is possibly on the table at this point.

What are your thoughts?

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CoinLab has been involved in a lawsuit against Mt. Gox for over 75 million USD. For the past several weeks CoinLab has made indications that it would be blocking in US Courts the bankruptcy protection that Mt. Gox has been seeking in the United States.

Originally CoinLab has signed and secured an agreement with Mt. Gox to use the site’s concepts, blueprints and more in the United States. In May of last year CoinLab filed suit against Mt. Gox due to a failure on the part of Mt. Gox to fulfill this contractual obligation.

At the time of the Mt. Gox collapse the litigation was still pending without a resolution. Fast forward a few months and CoinLab began making statements that it would oppose the bankruptcy and revival plan of Mt. Gox by Sunlot Holdings. In a filing today CoinLab announced it would no longer be blocking these proceedings.

The reason for the sudden change of stance by CoinLab is currently unknown as the company did not indicate reasons in the report filed this afternoon.

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