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Recently we were submitted to the site coinjabber for review and are excited to see others voting on how hangletonweblogs is doing.

While our team is excited to see such a positive review of what we are doing it reminded us that we are always striving to do better on hangletonweblogs so we wanted to take  a moment and ask you our readers what you think of hangletonweblogs.

We haven’t been on the scene as long as many of the other established players but we’ve tried to be consistent, fair, and honest and as always timely.

So, if you could take just a moment and leave us a comment about something you would improve on hangletonweblogs, something you would like to see on hangletonweblogs or just leave some feedback take a few minutes and leave us a comment here on this post.

We read every comment that is left on our site and we use the comments to help us gauge what we can be doing better, how we are currently doing and where we want to go in the future.

It takes only moments to let us know how we are doing but each comment has an impact on myself and the rest of the hangletonweblogs team and where we will go next.

We do moderate our comments to prevent spam but any comment that isn’t spam, positive or negative will be published.