David Marcus of PayPal Leaves for Facebook

Recently the Internet was abuzz when David Marcus the President of PayPal made indications that PayPal as a company was researching how to integrate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in to the PayPal platform.

This afternoon in a release from Facebook it was announced that Bitcoin friendly David Marcus would be joining Facebook to lead efforts in the mobile messaging space.

David is an avid coder not to mention keen businessmen having seen unique opportunities to monetize new platforms leading many to wonder if he will be charged with finding new ways to monetize Facebook Messenger including a potential system that allows Facebook users to send cash to each other.

Could this lead to the inclusion of Bitcoin on the Facebook platform?

It is most likely that Facebook will eventually launch a payments platform of its own much like Amazon instead of using something more open. Silicon valley startups such as Amazon, Facebook and others would rather have a platform that it controls end-to-end but anything is possibly on the table at this point.

What are your thoughts?