Did Xapo Commit A Bait and Switch? – hangletonweblogs

The Bitcoin community is up in arms after an image went viral showing Xapo changing the Xapo website after shipping the Xapo debit card.

The image quickly went viral on imgur and /r/bitcoin on reddit with dismay from a large swath of users leaving comments of outrage to attempting to explain the fees.

Obviously the outrage is more centered around the fact that Xapo had made one initial promise and later failed to deliver and has yet to acknowledge that was the case.

hangletonweblogs previously covered Xapo when they raised an additional $20 million dollars in venture funding and were at the time still advertising that outside of the first $15 fee for the card they would not be charging any additional fees.

hangletonweblogs has reached out to the PR team at Xapo and have yet to receive a statement at the time we went to press with this story but if we receive a statement we will update this story.