Grooveshark Meets Bitcoin

Music streaming service Grooveshark began sending out emails via support channels this afternoon to users who had previously requested Bitcoin now be a payment option for the music streaming subscriptions the company offered and made a Pay with Bitcoin option live on the account management page.

The underdog in the streaming music wars the move is seen as another way to boost adoption of the service in the fight against Spotify, Rdio, and other companies. Grooveshark becomes the first of the streaming music companies to offer Bitcoin as a payment option leading many to wonder when Spotify and others will join the company in accepting Bitcoin for streaming music subscriptions.

One hesitation for many in the streaming music industry has been the lacking ability to create reoccuring subscriptions via Bitcoin that will automatically bill each month (Grooveshark has not solved this problem as noted in the screenshot) but Grooveshark believes the service will be compelling enough to those using Bitcoin as a payment method that they will continue to come back each month and renew or simply pay for a year  upfront.

hangletonweblogs has reached out to Grooveshark for further comment and will update this post once we receive an official response from the company.