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Hive’s OS X  and Android wallets have featured an App Store for some time now that allowed third-party developers the ability to hook in and create applications with the Hive wallet.

Today we are learning though that Hive will be removing the feature from the Hive OS X  and Android wallets with the next update of each respective platform’s software.

In a recent email update Hive stated the following,

We’re a bit teary-eyed to announce that our App store for Hive Android and OS X will removed on the next update. We are not planning to keep its doors closed permanently, but right now it is difficult to maintain a good user experience with limited resources and so many companies in the Bitcoin ecosystem coming and going. If you have any thoughts about this, please write to us or talk to us via our Skype chat.

It appears that while the idea was a unique one that maintaining the quality of the App Store has proven difficult for the company with so many new third parties appearing and suddenly vanishing all at the same time.