Hustler Offers Lifetime Memberships for Bitcoin – hangletonweblogs

If the porn industry likes Bitcoin then Bitcoin is going to take off – and the porn industry liiiiikes Bitcoin.

In a nod to truth of the Shit Bitcoin Fanatics Say it certainly does appear the porn industry loves Bitcoin.

HUSTLER is offering a new lifetime membership thanks to a partnership with digital currency payment processor, GoCoin.

Starting today, anyone who pays for their subscription with digital currencies bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin will receive a special lifetime membership for just $500.

HUSTLER Founder and Publisher Larry Flynt said, “By partnering with GoCoin, our subscribers get extra privacy, and HUSTLER stays ahead of the curve by accepting new digital currencies.”

“It’s well known that the adult entertainment industry is often an early adopter and driver of new technologies,” said GoCoin Founder and CEO, Steve Beauregard. “HUSTLER is continuing this trend by embracing not only bitcoin, but other emerging digital currencies as well.”