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hangletonweblogs has received direct confirmation from multiple company officials at imgur that they will in fact be adding bitcoin as a payment option for premium accounts on the imgur platform.

Many in the community have been calling for imgur to add the payment option for the past several months with it reaching an almost feverish pitch at times.

Multiple sources at the company in both the development and business departments have confirmed to hangletonweblogs that the company has in fact placed the development of bitcoin payments on the product roadmap but none were keen on giving exact dates for when the feature would be rolled out. We were told that other product features have been placed higher on the roadmap at this time that are more mission critical including being sure that the infrastructure for the site was able to continue growing as imgur has seen unprecedented growth over the past year.

Obviously hearing the rollout will be delayed could be disappointing to some readers I would argue it is good to see the company has continued to focus on infrastructure and members of the community should be excited to hear that it is on the official roadmap at this time.

imgur was founded by Alan Schaaf in 2009 in Athens, Ohio. The company supports itself with revenue generated from ad sales, Pro accounts, commercial hosting and merchandise. The company has received over 40 million dollars in venture capital funding to date.

As always, hangletonweblogs makes it a site policy to never report rumors (validated by our reporting that 1-800-Flowers would begin taking bitcoin a full two weeks before the public announcement) and would only report this information after having vetted that the information came direct from company officials speaking with our staff.