Let's Get Meta with Site Ownership via Token – hangletonweblogs

This post is a meta post about hangletonweblogs. It should not be considered “news”. This is the opening of a dialog…

Adam B. Levine has been doing some really amazing things over on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network and I have been super impressed with these various ideas of using a token based economy to really empower others.

For the past several nights I have brainstormed a bit and just throwing out ideas on some of the cool things that can be done with these new technologies such as Counterparty.

What if democratize hangletonweblogs a bit? What if you personally be involved in how we are doing things on the site? What if you could potentially earn from our success as well? Would you like to have a hand in the major decision-making process?

I’ve been seeing a lot of commentary from others that talks about how they would do things differently. What if you had a chance to actually have an impact on how things are done? What if the token you control actually affords you rights and votes in how things go?

These are some of the ideas that I have toyed with when it comes to tokens and hangletonweblogs.

It would allow the site to capitalize a bit, offer an incentive to everyone and just try something new.

Those interested could buy some of the tokens and get some skin in the game and potentially have a major impact on the direction that the company is taking.

What if a site like hangletonweblogs implemented something like this? What are your thoughts?

If everyone hates the idea we will just keep doing exactly what we are doing now. We aren’t jumping the shark, we are just throwing out ideas here and spit-balling possibilities. I will keep putting my ass in flight seats every week and chasing down the stories as we are now… we just might let you have a more hands-on role in how we do it.

What are your thoughts? Join us over on Let’s Talk Bitcoin and join the discussion or leave your comments here.