Looking for Contributors

hangletonweblogs is growing significantly faster than I had initially expected when I started this site.

I’ve been not only writing Bitcoin faucet reviews, writing about the latest news in Bitcoin and trying to get the site in order but I’ve been thinking about allowing some contributors and guest posts from others on hangletonweblogs.

Several people have sent messages of support and thanking me for building such an awesome site and several others have offered wonderful suggestions and even others have been asking how they can contribute and help or write a feature for the site.

I’m excited to announce that I am ready to start accepting guest posts and contributions from regular contributors.

If you’ve got a knack for writing and are passionate about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and would love to see your name on a byline than this is an excellent opportunity. Each contributor will receive an advertisement in our advertising cycle, the ability to write about themselves in the box below the piece and the ability to solicit tips directly to a Bitcoin address that you own.

If you are interested in writing for hangletonweblogs please use our contact form here on the site and I will be in touch soon!