Perk Rewards Program and Bitcoin – hangletonweblogs

Perk is a web browser for tablet and desktop that rewards user for different actions taken across the web from searching to shopping at over 1,500 merchants. The company provides an app on Android, iPhone and iPad that acts as a browser in which users earn points on the platform that can then be redeemed for various prizes.

The company partners with affiliate networks to give Perk users deals at about 2,000 online stores. Those stores include big brands like Amazon, Target, Best Buy and Starbucks. There are also deals for frequent-flier miles at airlines like Delta, US Airways and Alaska Airlines and charitable donations to non-profits like the American Cancer Society.

Earlier today Perk announced it would soon be hosting a Perk giveaway for Bitcoins which is major news as the venture backed company (having raised over 1 million USD to date) is going to put a toe in the waters for bitcoin.

Details as of yet are still sparse but this is the first time that Perk has offered bitcoins on the platform and while this is a giveaway (costs perk points) the company has stated they will soon add bitcoins to the rewards catalog for perk points.