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We asked a few weeks ago in a poll what you thought about bitcoin eventually replacing the US Dollar.

This was an interesting poll because we had expected results to be dramatically one way but we were completely unsure which way that would be.

Turns out, we were completely wrong.

It appears our readers are almost evenly divided regarding the issue.

What do you think these results mean?

Hey Guys and Gals!

Just a quick reminder that we are asking you the readers to tell us who got you involved with Bitcoin.

Who was it that finally influenced you to check in and dig in to this whole Bitcoin thing anyways?

We’ve received a wide variety of responses and would love to add yours to the mix so vote below.

We will be featuring a piece when this poll is completed and talking to the people who were the biggest influencers.

We recently created a poll asking if you thought Bitcoin would ever unseat the US Dollar and the results are still coming in but we wanted to give everyone another chance to get a vote in before we close the poll and begin writing a feature about it.

If you haven’t already cast your vote now is the chance. I’ve enclosed the poll on this post to give you another chance.

Keep the votes coming in and check back soon to see our piece written around the data we collected.

When you started looking at Bitcoin who was it the most that influenced you to get involved?

Answer the poll question below or fill in your own answers and we will tally it up in the near future and write a feature!