Review: BitVisitor – hangletonweblogs

Earlier in the week I reviewed VisitBit as a PTS and gave a quick review on how I am using it in my spare time while switching tabs.

Today I want to look at another site called BitVisitor that is also a paid to surf style site.

Unlike VisitBit you won’t be able to simply leave this tab open in the background and come back to it on occasion making it significantly less appealing if you are busy or have other things to do. The timer on BitVisitor will stop counting if you aren’t focused on the tab for a period of time.

BitVisitor also uses a frame at the top of the window to countdown and most sites require you spend at least five minutes on them.

BitVisitor just isn’t a site that I can do in my busy schedule outside of times when I am bored and have nothing else to do (hello surfing on the toilet) because of the large timer and the fact that I can’t do other things at the same time.

I’ve also found that the captchas on the site are harder to complete than others and at times very difficult to read.

Another negative of the site is that you must reach a minimum balance before your coins will be sent to you. As you likely remember in my review of BitVisitor you received all payments instantly in your account.

I’ve really tried to keep an open mind to this site but it just isn’t as fast or convenient as other sites. It does at least have a large level of sites to surf so if you are completely bored this could be something to just return and do occassionally.

That said this isn’t one of my favorite sites.

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