Review: BTCRock


I have to admit that I am a fan of faucets that add any sort of game element to them. I like the idea of receiving guaranteed coin each hour regardless of what happens but having the chance of potentially winning more. BTCRock is one of my favorite new faucets because it combines the element of gaming and free coins.

BTCRock allows you to “play” approximately every 35 minutes and gives you free Bitcoin for clicking around on a large grid. You are given five pickaxes and then click on various spots where you will earn Bitcoin. One of the spots contains a jackpot of Bitcoin and you are able to verify the location once the game is complete to see that you had a fair shot at winning the jackpot.

The cool thing about this site is that no matter what you are a winner. You will always walk away with some free Bitcoin and it costs nothing to play.

The site like all other faucets is supported by advertisements and I’ve found that this one contains advertisements that do sometimes slow the page down significantly but for the most part they aren’t intrusive like other sites I’ve looked at.

I’m not a huge fan of the captcha on this site, while easy to complete I find that it can load slowly and sometimes takes long enough that it really slows me down in my process of gathering from faucets in groups.

The site also has some minor issues at times with the display of the countdown and the number of pickaxes that are available which proves to be more annoying than anything but I’m sure that the issues will be corrected in the future.

Payments are sent weekly on Mondays once the threshold is met. Payouts do occur as scheduled and are reliable.

[usrlist “Ease of Use:3.5″ “Advertisement Quality:3″ “Captcha Quality:2″ “Payouts:5″ text=”false” size=”18″ avg=”true”]