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The LuckyCheckIN is a new bitcoin faucet with a gaming element twist much like our previous review of BTCRock.

On this site you have an opportunity to win every 5 minutes an additional level of satoshi. Each base check-in is worth a designated level of satoshi and is paid out once each month.

This site takes a unique approach in that if you match the “time” that is displayed you will an additional satoshi. You can win between 460 – 1,564,000 satoshi for matching the check-in time.

Confused? Don’t be. The site picks a random time that you can be a winner. This isn’t a real time but rather a completely generated time. Your browser also picks a time and if they match you win a certain level of satoshi depending on the number of numbers that you match.

If you don’t match anything it still counts as a “check-in” however and you will be awarded on a monthly basis for each attempt you made a guaranteed level of satoshi.

Once you’ve initially logged in using your Bitcoin address and completed a captcha you will not need to re-complete the captcha and simply have to visit the faucet each five minutes for a chance to win.

I will oftentimes leave this faucet opened in a browser tab while I do other things and as I remember will go back to it to resume my collection.

This faucet has a certain appeal to me because it does have a game element and I’ve found that by leaving it in a tab and returning to it on occasion that I have earned more faster on this site than with many other faucets. I really like the aspect of having a certain game element as most faucets are simple captcha completions so this is a nice change of pace from the standard faucets.

The advertisements on the site are sparse and not intrusive which is another plus in favor of the faucet.

The site doesn’t offer immediate payouts, but it doesn’t have a captcha that requires entering all of the time, it also has a game element and the winnings for many are more than most faucets.

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