Review of Bitcoin Zebra – hangletonweblogs

Bitcoin Zebra is a new faucet to me. I’ve seen some advertisements for it cropping up across the Internet and several of my Bitcoin friends have also relayed to me that this is a great faucet that is paying weekly and has a decent level of receiving quite a bit of free Bitcoins to be earned.

Allowing you to play each hour much like my initial reaction was that the white text on a black background is hard to read although I understand the thought with the site being called Bitcoin Zebra.

The site loads moderately quick and has several advertisements but they don’t seem to be overly in the way although at times the quality is lacking against some of the other faucets I’ve looked at and reviewed in the past.

One thing that Bitcoin Zebra is doing though that I found as a MAJOR plus that no other faucet has done in my travels is offer a Google Chrome extension that will notify you each time you are ready for a new dispense from the faucet. I found this to be a MAJOR plus. I haven’t seen any other faucet offer this as of yet but this feature is so great and one that really makes Bitcoin Zebra stand out from the crowd of faucets that you can find all across the Internet.

Bitcoin Zebra loads quickly, has an innovative Google Chrome extension that I haven’t seen anyone else doing (but other faucets should pay attention!), they’ve got standard solvemedia captcha which means it oftentimes requires an extra step but is almost always easy to read and loads fast and they’ve weekly payouts that are always very reliable.

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