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I’ve been looking at over 500 different Bitcoin faucets but one that I’ve found is constantly reliable, actually pays out each week and takes very little time to check in on has been

One of the issues I’ve had with lots of Bitcoin faucets is that they often feel scummy with a large number of advertisements, difficult to solve captchas and less than reliable payouts.

I still remember when I discovered and was astonished with how well done the site is in comparison to other Bitcoin faucets, how fast the site loaded and after receiving my first payout how it has consistently been a reliable source of Bitcoins for me.

Obviously these sort of faucets operate on the premise that the owners earn for the advertisements that are displayed so I highly advise that you do NOT run an Adblock software when visiting these sort of sites because if the owners can’t cover the operation costs they will likely take sites down such as this one but the owner of has done a great job of balancing the faucet with advertisements that aren’t overly in your face, aren’t spawning any pop-up advertisements and they are spaced out enough.

The site has given away over 349 Bitcoins since inception, and also contains a high-lo game for those who wish to gamble some of the free coins they receive for a chance at even more coins. The game is provably fair but I’m not really one to do a lot of gambling so I only play occasionally.

The bottom line is that is a great Bitcoin faucet and a great way to earn some coins for relatively low effort. The captchas are easy to complete, the payouts range, and the site loads fast.

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