tinypass enables Bitcoin payments – hangletonweblogs

New York based tinypass makes software for content creators that enables them to sell subscriptions, downloads, live events, and much more using a javascript paywall or secure API.

They provide robust analytics and reporting, user management tools, and outstanding customer support. Tinypass can be deployed using their API, CMS plugins, or JavaScript platform. Professional services are also available to ensure that publishers reach their maximum revenue potential.

Today tinypass is rolling out the ability for all tinypass publishers to begin accepting Bitcoin if they wish.

tinypass currently provides service for Esquire, Cosmo, Penny Arcade, and a liteany of other publishers of all sizes to monetize content. For the last year many in the Bitcoin community have been lobbying tinypass to add Bitcoin as a payment option for the companies they provide services.

This morning Coinbase and tinypass announced that they’ve done just that.

This is great for bitcoin because it is perfectly suited for the sort of microtransactions that tinypass specalizes in. Using bitcoin alows consumers a convenient new payment option and allows micropayments to be cheaper for tinypass.

While it is unclear which publishers will be enabling payments via bitcoin we expect to see several publications using it in the immediate future.