Win A Full Bitcoin with Chain Radio

Chain Radio in a surprise announcement last week during the 100k Doge Dig Giveaway we learned that Chain Radio is stepping up the giveaways they are doing on the Chain Radio website and station.

Not only is the station giving away 100,000 LTBcoin after the 100,000 Dogecoin giveaway that took place they are going to be revealing details on how listeners can win 1 full BTC in the upcoming weeks.

This is by far the largest giveaway to take place in the cryptocurrency radio space to date and while details are still sparse regarding the giveaway we’ve seen the station going to great lengths to give large sums of various cryptocurrencies in the past several weeks since they initially launched and differentiate itself from the upcoming competition (we have some interviews lined up with other stations to publish soon).

Full details will be made available in the near future on the Chain Radio website.